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Pastor Gen - Thoughts From A Sabbatical #1

Updated: Sep 4, 2022

I hope all is going well at home!

Below are some of the images from the first three days in Iceland.

Some of the learnings so far:

1. Sabbatical is essential — It is true that pastors really do need to get away from all the responsibility and have the chance to reflect, rest, and explore.

2. There are so many people of so many languages just getting along together. It is possible!

3. We visited a Lava Center and learned about living with 30 volcanos. Even more, I learned about how museums need to computerize to keep up with the iPad generations. This museum was up to the minute with information about the volcanic activity.

4. The prayers we share keep us connected. I feel the love of Veradale UCC helping us on our journey. I hope you feel my prayers and love and gratitude going back to you.

5. Bringing Hana means that you will be receiving travel videos soon. She has two almost finished. Getting WiFi has been a problem. Even now, I am in the camp office. It doesn’t look like we will get the video to you for another day.

6. Transphobia and Racism are problems across Europe as well. Today was the Pride event in Reykjavik. We found out too late to make the parade but did make the speakers at the music event. About 1/3 of the entire island population comes out to the party. The speaker dedicated the event to ending transphobia and racism!

Well, much more to come. Office is closing!

Pastor Gen

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