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Pastor Gen - Thoughts from a Sabbatical #4

Dear Veradale Friends,

Naomi, Wayne, and I touched base this week. I am grateful that you have been able to hear about this travel, have begun your journey with Pastor Roger - he is a gift-- and that I am in your prayers. Thank you! Naomi’s note came after I was particularly lifted up by those prayers--- My suitcase blew a tire on the way into Würzburg. I patch it together with dental floss and bandaids as that is what I had. Well, on the day that left Würzburg, that repair worked for half of the one mile walk back to the train station. Then another tire crumbled. My suitcase weights 50lbs. I could sort of roll the it on the two remaining wheels. As I prayed about this, I felt that the prayers from Veradale were with me and it would all be fine.I arrived in Nuremberg, got a taxi because there was no way I could drag that guy any further and there under the hotel was a suitcase shop with some of them marked down 20% or more. I kept thinking, “Thank you for the prayers Veradale and thank you, God for the love made real through those prayers! “ Of course, I had to shop around at other stores a little before I could buy what was at the first shop. It is very expensive to buy a suitcase here. In the end, I got my new, on sale suitcase. I also mentioned to Naomi how I see you folks everywhere. Below are a few examples. If there is not time to read these in worship, Naomi will have a way to share them.

Sending you all love and prayers,

Pastor Gen

All you folk out on the Palouse, especially Farmer Wayne.

Aden, Jerry and Charlie


All you folk in Idaho (Sally, Kathy, and Kaye). In 1894, a woman photographer left Iceland to photograph the indigenous people of Idaho!

Naomi, the woman with the long hair in the middle of the second image is the teacher of these outdoor dance classes.

Scotty and all you rose lovers, these smell wonderful.

Cherall Anne...

Don and Jan, this window has the beach in a city a long way from the ocean and Ron, the dance supplies are here with no blue suede shoes.

All those who keep this journey in prayer, the suitcase store below my hotel.

Teresa Johnson, Noah, Sky and Ashley, and all you cat lovers - I found your temple.


All of you who have served in our military (Marilyn, John, and all you who have military family)

This jewelry store has accessories for your fur babies — Marvin.

Several of the cities have a section of shops to sell handmade items (Maureen, Stephany, Sue, Joyce, Lea, Karla, Wayne, Bonnie, and Julie)

Becky, Michael, and Book Club, look at these amazing public book closets.

For those who like things to be orderly and on time, the trains and the Glockenspiels may disappoint you (especially Diane and Joyce).

Marsilius, imagine sending the kids to this library! Charlie, the librarian here found the only two books about the Würzburg witch hunts of 1625-1631.

Gregg and Jeanne, I see you so often in the little gardens. The drought means that lawns are not watered and people still have these little beautiful places throughout the cities.

Joe, Larry, Gae Ann, Melodie, Debbie, Robyn, Al, Polly, Sandy, Serena, Elisa, Donita, Barbara, Linda, Lokotah, Katie, Pastor Roger, and all, below is an image of a painting in 1493/94 by Albrecht Dürer one of my favorite artists.

With love for all who gather at Veradale, Pastor Gen

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