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Pastor Gen - Thoughts from a Sabbatical #9

Dear Veradale Friends,

Just a quick note this week. At this moment, three members of our group have tested positive for Covid. After a lot of work by our guides, we who are negative, will continue on and test every day. I know that I tested negative on September 19, 28, and today, Oct 1. I plan to keep wearing a mask and staying healthy!


Most of you who have a mobile phone also use it as a camera. The lens on that phone is called a wide angle lens as it can get wider views. The other thing this wide angle lens does is give a greater sense of depth. The picture above is taken with the widest setting on my lens. The waves come up, pull back, the land is seen holding firm and the sea goes back until it is met by the stormy sky.

Consider Jesus’ teaching: "Love the Lord, your God with all your heart, soul, and mind. Love your neighbor as yourself and love your enemy.” These are wide angle commandments and are rooted in the practice of our faith. This way of living helps us see a big picture which moves us deeply — going all the way to the sky.

With blessings,

Pastor Gen

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