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Sunday Worship Bulletin, Aug 21, 2022

Veradale United Church of Christ An Open & Affirming Congregation Worshiping God in Christ – Welcoming All – Working for Justice & Peace No matter who you are, or where you are on life’s journey, you are welcome here!” August 21, 2022 • 10:30am 10:20am Gathering & Prelude Wayne Shull, Music Director Charlie Salt, Acolyte & AV Naomi Hanvey, Facebook Monitor Scotty Patton, Zoom Monitor 10:30am Worship begins God is in the midst of us . . . all the time! All the time . . . God is in the midst of us! Passing the Peace and Welcoming the Light Christ Hymn: “Gather Us In” CCLI license #11038266 Here in this place, the new light is streaming, shadows of doubt are vanished away See in this space our fears and our dreamings Brought here to you in the light of this day Gather us in, the lost and forsaken. Gather us in, the blind and the lame. Call to us now and we shall awaken. We shall arise at the sound of our name. We are the young, our lives are a mystery We are the old who yearn for your face We have been sung throughout all of history Called to be light to the whole human race Gather us in, the rich and the haughty. Gather us in, the proud and the strong. Give us a heart so meek and so lowly. Give us the courage to enter the song. Not just in buildings, small and confining Not in some heaven light years away Here in this place the new light is shining Now is God present and now is the day Gather us in and hold us forever. Gather us in and make us your own. Gather us in, all peoples together. Fire of love in our flesh and our bones. Passing the Baton of Leadership The relay is on, and for Team Veradale no one person does all the running. Everyone has a contribution to make. Sometimes they are running, and sometimes they are resting, but always they are contributing. For some folks, like the Pastor, their contribution is often out front and very visible, while for others their part is frequently less visible and easier to miss. But just as with a relay team, everyone’s contributions are vital for the success of the whole Church. And that includes times of rest. After seven years Pastor Gen has passed the baton to other members of the team so that she can take some much needed “rest and renewal” time. This is an opportunity for others in the congregation to step up and contribute, perhaps in ways they have never tried before. And the whole Church will be stronger for it! Wayne: Pastor Roger, on behalf of the whole congregation I stand here this morning ready to pass the baton of leadership on to you. I do so not because we expect you to do all the work, but because we trust you to provide pastoral leadership and guidance in these next few months as we learn to be the Church in fresh new ways. We know that we will not be on our own in this endeavor. In addition to your leadership, we will have the strength, guidance, and inspiration of God’s Spirit, as well as the gifts, mutual support, and enthusiasm of each other. We trust that this will be a fruitful time of growth and new discovery for all of us. Congregation: With God’s help and the mutual support of the many gifted leaders among us, we stand ready to rise to the occasion over these next few months as we explore new ways of being the Church together. We look forward to receiving Pastor Roger’s capable pastoral leadership, and commit ourselves to the process of learning and growing together. Pastor Roger: I am honored to have been called to this important work, and delighted to be here among you for these next few months. It will be a time for renewing old friendships and establishing new ones. But most importantly, it will be a time for discovering and exploring our gifts, as we open ourselves to the possibility of being the Church which God is calling us to be. And so it is that I receive now this baton of leadership, knowing that the success we are anticipating will unfold because of God’s active presence among us and our mutual willingness to show up and become the Church together. Let this faithful adventure begin. Celebrating the Sacrament of Baptism of Karl Edward Young Members and friends in Christ, we gather now to celebrate the gift of grace in the sacrament of baptism. There is one body and one Spirit. There is one hope in God’s call to us. There is one Lord, one faith, one baptism, one God and Creator of us all. They were bringing children to Jesus that he might touch them, and the disciples rebuked them. But when Jesus saw this he was indignant, and said to them, “Let the children come to me, do not hinder them, for to such belongs the realm of God.” And Jesus took them in his arms and blessed them. The sacrament of baptism is an outward and visible sign of the grace of God. Inasmuch as the promise of the gospel is not only to us but also to our children, baptism with water and the Holy Spirit is the mark of their acceptance into the care of Christ’s church, the sign and seal of their participation in God’s love, and the beginning of their growth into full Christian faith. Ashley & Sky, do you desire to have your child baptized into the faith and family of Christ? We do. Will you encourage Karl to receive the freedom of new life in Christ? We will, with God’s help. Will you teach Karl the value of faith in Christ? We will, with God’s help. Do you promise, by the grace of God, to continue following in the way of Christ, to show love and justice, and to allow the Light of Christ to shine through your living as best you are able? We do, with God’s help. Do you promise, according to the grace given you, to grow with Karl in faith, to share with him the care and nurture of Christ’s church, so that he may grow to become a faithful participant in the church? We do, with God’s help. Don & Jan, as grandparents, you have a unique and important role to play in Karl’s life. You can share love with him and demonstrate what it means to be connected to family. You will also be a position to model for him what it means to live a life of faith. Are you ready to love and encourage Karl, so that he can grow in faith and live fully into his own potential as a beloved child of God? We are, with God’s help. Aly & Amy, a Godparent is a spiritual guardian, not a legal guardian. Godparents are, ideally, people to whom the child can ask questions about God or about life that may not be comfortable to share with parents. Godparents are to remember the holidays and keep in touch with the child through life. Are you ready with God’s help to guide and encourage Karl by counsel and example, in prayer and with love, to follow the way of Christ? We are, with God’s help. Members & friends of Veradale United Church of Christ, Christ calls us to make disciples of all nations, and to offer them the gift of grace in baptism. Do you, who witness and celebrate this sacrament, promise your love, support, and care to the one about to be baptized, and to his parents and family, as Karl lives and grows in Christ? With God’s help, we promise our love, support, and care. Together let us affirm our faith (adapted from Ephesians 4): We believe in the one body of Christ, which is the Church, one Holy Spirit, one hope to which we are called, one Lord, one faith, one baptism, one God and Creator of all, who is over all and through all and in all. O God of everlasting covenant, we rejoice in every gift of life. Be present always to strengthen and guide Karl, that he may increase in wisdom and in years, and in divine and human love. Bind us all in covenant, that we, your people, may be faithful in keeping the vows we have made. We look to you for strength in the knowledge that you will fulfill by your power every good resolve and work of faith though Christ. Amen. Ashley & Sky, by what name will this child be called? Karl Edward Young Karl Edward Young, I now baptize you in the name of God – Creator, Christ, and Spirit. Amen. And now may the Holy Spirit be upon you, Karl, child of God, disciple of Christ, member of the Church. All: O God of Love, we give thanks for the gift of this your beloved child. Continue to fill Karl Edward Young with your guiding Spirit. Give us who have witnessed this event, a renewed sense of our call to be your disciples. Bless these parents, grandparents, and Godparents, that they may keep the vows they have made. Bless Noah to grow as a brother, showing Karl what it means to learn and become his own person. Strengthen all of us to live as Christ has taught. Create in us a new and open heart. Keep us from all evil and guide us by your grace, we ask in Jesus’ name. Amen. Introducing Karl to the congregation The Community at Prayer Sharing Prayers of Gratitude & Celebration All: O God of mercy, hear our prayers. Sharing Prayers of Concern All: O God of mercy, hear our prayers. Sharing Prayers Which Take Us Beyond Words Into Silence All: O God of mercy, hear our prayers. The Lord’s Prayer Response: Amen. Amen. Amen. 812 (NCH) A Time of Offering An Invitation to Share Dedication Hymn: “I’m Gonna Live So God Can Use Me” 139 (Sing!) CCLI license #11038266 I’m gonna (live – work – pray – sing) so God can use me anytime, Lord, and anywhere! I’m gonna (live – work – pray – sing) so God can use me anytime, Lord, and anywhere! Dedication Prayer You have blessed us, O God, so that we might be a blessing to the world. May the gifts which we have offered become powerful tools for healing and transformation within this congregation, within our community, and to the uttermost ends of the earth. Amen. Listening for God Scripture Now after John was arrested, Jesus came to Galilee, proclaiming the good news of God, and saying, “The time is fulfilled, and the kingdom of God has come near; repent, and believe in the good news.” (Mark 1: 14-15 NRSV) Then Jesus called the twelve together and gave them power and authority over all demons and to cure diseases, and he sent them out to proclaim the kingdom of God and to heal. He said to them, “Take nothing for your journey, no staff, nor bag, nor bread, nor money—not even an extra tunic. Whatever house you enter, stay there, and leave from there. (Luke 9: 1-4 NRSV) Pastoral Reflection: Stepping Into the Mystery Silence Announcements We Carry God’s Light Into the World God Loves Hymn: “Draw the Circle Wide” 123 (Sing!) CCLI license #11038266 (refrain) Draw the circle wide. Draw it wider still. Let this be our song, no one stands alone, standing side by side, draw the circle wide. God the still point of the circle, ’round whom all creation turns; nothing lost, but held forever in God’s gracious arms. (refrain) Let our hearts touch far horizons, so encompass great and small; let our loving know no borders, faithful to God’s call. (refrain) Let the dreams we dream be larger, than we’ve ever dreamed before; let the dream of Christ be in us, open ev’ry door. (refrain) Blessing for Departing Closing Song: “Wherever You Go” 213 (Sing!) CCLI license #11038266 Wherever you go, God is with you. Wherever you go, God is there. Wherever you go, whatever you do, you are in God’s care. Wherever we go, God is with us. Wherever we go, God is there. Wherever we go, whatever we do, we are in God’s care. Postlude You are invited to spend a few minutes in quiet reflection & allow the music to wash over you.

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